Infused Flower

Infused flower begins with the careful selection and cultivation of premium cannabis strains. These strains are meticulously grown and nurtured to develop robust flavors, aromas, and cannabinoid profiles. Once harvested, the buds undergo a meticulous infusion process, where additional cannabinoids, such as THC or CBD, are incorporated to enhance the potency and effects. The infusion process involves coating or soaking the flower in concentrated cannabis oil or distillate, allowing the cannabinoids to permeate the plant material. This infusion not only amplifies the potency of the flower but also adds a layer of versatility, as different strains and cannabinoid ratios can be utilized to create customized experiences. Our exclusive Nectar Nugs are infused with droplets of live resin as well as freeze-dried live resin.  

Cannabis concentrates have gained popularity not only for recreational purposes but also for their potential therapeutic benefits. The concentrated levels of cannabinoids and terpenes offer users an opportunity to explore targeted relief from various conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety.